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Career Highlights

⭐ Co-founded Violet, a 7-figure influencer management agency (acquired and exited).

⭐ Co-founded Social IQ, a social media & PR agency with clients ranging from Capitol Records to small business restaurants. Spanning 300+ total clients, Social IQ ultimately failed as an agency. Stay tuned for an article I'm writing sharing how and why it failed.

⭐ Co-created Canada's first security token, GEAR, a green energy mining network and investment token. From co-writing the original whitepaper to secure $3.5 million in seed funding, GEAR was poised to be the first green mining ecosystem with a token structure that both distributed mining profits to holders, but also had an investment diversification allocation for continual growth in different green sectors. GEAR's launch window coincided with a market crash and the project was halted. See GEAR here, explained by Larry King.

⭐ Freed the world of the Kardashians (explained below).

Managed and grew multiple influencers from 0 to 10million+ followers on Instagram & FB.

⭐ Taught 250+ people how to dance to Gangnam Style for a flashmob.

⭐ Created PR stunts & viral videos that have generated billions in views, examples below...


Articles on my work 👇

Entertainment Tonight

Kardblock was a PR stunt for a social media agency I started when I was 19. Major media like ET covered this, but Ryan Holiday got the exclusive reveal for the stunt which he covered in his column at The Observer.

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The Observer

Interviewed by Ryan Holiday where I reveal the reason I did the original Kardblock stunt. This was as a means to get do-follow links from high DA sites to help my agency rank better on Google, and to get free lead gen of new clients + for the lols ofc.

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The Huffington Post

This was way back in 2015. In support of nipple equality between genders, I pranked Instagram by showing them how nonsensical their policies were with the use of ambiguous nipples. This stunt got covered in major press and TV media, leading also to an official statement from Instagram & new clients for my consultancy.

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Business Insider

This feature by Business Insider covers some of the viral PR stunt work I used to do for brands. At this point in life, a lot of my work was helping brands come up with & execute PR stunts or viral content. This ethos of cheap, high-exposure marketing then later led me to pursue growth hacking.

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Articles I've written for Entrepreneur 👇


3 Ways to Immediately Get More ROI From Your Instagram Marketing

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3 Tricks to Become an Instagram Influencer

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