🚀 5 quick AI wins for your charity

📈 Tip 1: Use AI tools to unlock new data insights

You can now run complex analyses and generate graphs, tables, and charts with simple prompts. To do this, just upload your data into AI tools, then enter your prompt to get insights in seconds.

How your charity can benefit from this:

Gone are the days when calculating key metrics like average donor lifetime value (LTV) required hours in Excel. In fact, many charities operated without these metrics due to the complexities of calculating them. Now, you can get these metrics by prompting AI tools like ChatGPT with Advanced Data Analysis enabled (like in the screenshot above).

Marketing example:

Understanding the LTV of your donors is crucial for setting an effective cost-per-acquisition (CPA) target, as it helps you gauge the ROI of your marketing efforts. Now, calculating these metrics is a breeze with AI tools. For example, see below where I calculated donor LTV for a charity using just a single prompt in ChatGPT-4:

I then got this information painlessly and within seconds (see below). All departments in your charity can similarly use AI analysis tools like this to get insights like this quickly:

🚀 Tip 2: Use AI-SEO tools to reach thousands of new people

What this means:

Recently, Google announced a game-changing update: AI-generated content will now be ranked equally with human-created content in search results. This levels the playing field, giving both content types an equal shot at landing on Google's coveted first page for users' search results.

What does this mean for your charity? It creates a cheap, cost-effective way for you to produce a plethora of SEO-optimized articles using AI tools. By doing so, you can significantly boost your website's visibility, attracting thousands of new website visitors from relevant Google searches.

How your charity can benefit from this:

To effortlessly craft SEO-rich content, you can use platforms like BlogSEO.AI. These AI-powered tools generate articles tailored to your specified keywords and phrases, enabling you to consistently update your website with new content to improve its search engine ranking.

Unsure which keywords to focus on or seeking fresh ideas for target and secondary keywords? Use tools like Clearscope. These tools analyze your top content and identify new target keywords, helping you broaden your website's reach to attract more organic traffic.

🌎 Tip 3: Use AI to make your resources and services more accessible

What this means:

Erase language barriers forever thanks to new AI tools. Now, you can convert your entire content library into voice, video, or text in multiple languages. This opens up accessibility in two key ways:

1. Individuals with reading difficulties can watch, or have your content read aloud to them.

2. Non-English users can engage your content in their native tongue, enhancing their experience. See an example below where a video filmed in English is translated into other languages. The AI also changes the person's lip movements to be in sync with these changes:

How you can start benefiting from this:

Platforms like HeyGen and ElevenLabs offer AI-driven translation services that make your content globally accessible without breaking the bank. Many of these platforms offer free trials or freemium versions, allowing you to test their voice or video avatars. For a more personalized touch, you can opt for premium plans that let you use custom voices or video avatars.

💖 Tip 4: Use AI to improve your customer service.

What this means:

Imagine a chatbot that can handle donor queries 24/7, across your website, socials, WhatsApp and more These services can be customized to answer FAQs, guide donors through the donation process, and even provide tax information.

Below is an example of Intercom's AI chat features, they refer to their product as "Fin":

How your charity can benefit from this:

You can choose from many AI tools today to set up an automated donor helpdesk. Many of these include free trials, like Intercom which have free trials. Most of these tools usually also integrate with Zapier, so this means you can also grow your CRM from new contacts/leads gained from AI-powered website chat functionality.

🎬 Tip 5: Use AI to save money on content creation costs.

What this means:

AI tools are revolutionizing content creation by offering cost-effective and speedy solutions. From video editing to multi-language subtitles, these tools can also optimize and repurpose your content to be more effective for different platforms.

How your charity can benefit from this:

Take advantage of platforms like SubMagic (the example screenshot above) to effortlessly add subtitles and optimize your videos for different social media channels. Pair this with tools like Canva that can create visually appealing assets for your posts using generative AI, and tools like HootSuite that can study your posts to suggest new post copy to go with these posts.

The result? You save both time and money, eliminating the need for expensive video editing services to optimize content for platforms like TikTok.

There are many more ways your charity can benefit from AI.

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