Hi, I would genuinely love to join the Up Learn team. Below I've used the job responsibilities and requirements and listed my relevant experience under them. Thank you, James


Develop Up Learn’s B2B Marketing strategy alongside the Head of Marketing

Plan and execute end-to-end B2B marketing campaigns (emails, landing pages, content), managing vendors and contractors where necessary

Own and develop Up Learn’s B2B content marketing strategy: I have a few ideas & suggestions for where I'd start from a content marketing perspective. This includes a focus on LinkedIn and YouTube for Up Learn's B2B content marketing efforts. I also think video case studies on the landing page and other quick optimizations could likely improve the key metrics covered in the next question below. I am very comfortable taking ownership to deliver a B2B marketing strategy end-to-end, and getting hands-on when doing this.

Develop, track and optimise key Marketing KPIs, ensuring that we are focused on moving the metrics that matter: I'm comfortable both creating and setting up systems to track KPI's with reporting to ensure goals are being measurably met. This includes things like core conversion rates, email open/engagement rates, website new traffic rates and dwell time, social followings, client referals and more.


Why I'm Interested

For reasons that I can cover in my interview, I recently decided to leave all my ventures and to only work on positive impact projects. I believe Up Learn can have a large impact on many people's lives in a purely positive way, so I'd love to get involved. I also believe the school system is broken, based on my own personal experiences. For example, at A-levels, I got in trouble at school for taking classmates to walk out of class to study with me at the library. This was after I realized my psychology A-level tests were just a grand memory test, so I optimized my (and my friend's) learning for this. I went from predicted grade C's to scoring 98% on the main test. Around this time I began questioning my school quite heavily, as I suddenly started getting really high grades. I began realizing it wasn't me that was broken, but my school's teaching methods. For example, upon using tools like Khan Academy I went from scoring <25% on Math tests to >75%. Simple things, like learning on YouTube to visualize the addition and subtraction of negative and positive numbers as temperatures of water made a massive difference. Before I made any of these revelations in online learning I had very low intellectual self-esteem, this came from performing so poorly on tests. So, to be able to help thousands of other children learn at their own pace to boost their own self-confidence and career prospects would be something I'd love to do. Thank you, James

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