Below are ideas for The Felix Project. the best job ever.

Hi, I am very excited to be applying for this opportunity. While my previous experience has been in tech and social media start-ups, I believe my experiences can combine to make me effective in this role. For example, I’ve previously created and managed 7-figure marketing campaigns that covered social media marketing, PR, celebrity/influencer marketing, and SEO. This included creating new traffic, awareness and exposure campaigns across online and offline platforms. Then, converting this audience into new sales and engaged users. I’ve also created referrals & community growth campaigns to maximize the LTV of customers to keep them engaged long-term. I am confident I can use all this previous experience to build, execute and maximize opportunities for new donors for a charity. I’m now looking to change my career to one where I’m able to help society through my work. I believe this position can help me do exactly this, and be able to provide this satisfaction to me long-term. As I saw this job posting late I was not able to add all my ideas for what I would do to be successful in this role. However, if selected for an interview I would love to share these. Thank you, James Shamsi


1. Mass outreach to new food donation partners using Google Maps scraping to help scale & automate this

For example, using Google Maps we can get contact information for all supermarkets, retailers, hospitality, and other suppliers in the areas TFP covers. We can then use various automated and personal email, text, and call-based outreach to secure these new partners. Doing this would require a simple email campaign, creating/updating the internal supplier CRM and creating a landing page or a few slides to share with the partners.

2. A viral TikTok content strategy using public interviews with shocking stats/facts & showcases of waste/reuse

I have many ideas about how this could be filmed, edited, and posted to optimize virality, and reach to new audiences. I feel strongly that this a content marketing strategy that is worthwhile testing for The Felix Project. While being very low cost it can lead to millions in views.

3. Community cook-ups co-branded with strategic B2B partners that help us reach new volunteers

For example, imagine we did an all-vegan cooking event with the London vegan community. This is a community that is also likely to then join our future efforts from these fun events. Similarly, we can work with other charities and concerned interests groups ongoing in similar campaigns. All the food cooked should then either be donated, or sold to attendees to raise money.

More Ideas:

I also have ideas for ways TFP can work with restaurants to get both new volunteers and donors. I also strongly believe that TFP should be more active on platforms like TikTok, using a viral public interview format using shocking stats on food wastage and starvation.

Job Responsibilities & My Experience:

Lead evaluating the current brand marketing, communication, and digital strategies: I have many suggestions for the current brand marketing, comms, and digital marketing. Some of those I mentioned above, but I would love to share a lot more on in an interview. I have previously created high-level strategy and then managed the rollout. I've done this by constantly evaluating and iterating the plan where needed to make sure we achieve the set-out goals. You will have practical experience of ensuring BAU delivery whilst in parallel prioritizing time and resources to refresh new strategic plans: As an entrepreneur I have done this for all my ventures, ensuring day-to-day operations are running smoothly while prioritizing, managing, and launching new plans and projects. For example: At Violet Management, I ensured a team of over 100 worked together to deliver BAU services while building new services such as influencer marketing, LinkedIn growth, and more. You will be confident in presenting recommendations that detail operational plans capturing key milestones and measures of success, supported by budget and resource plans. I have done this many times for reports to investors, teams, partners, and other stakeholders throughout my ventures. I am very comfortable with setting and tracking budgets, KPI's, and creating reporting and plans of action based on insights. You will be an experienced leader, taking your staff on a journey to support the strategy refresh. It is important they feel and take ownership of department plans. Given my previous experience leading large, small and medium-sized teams I am comfortable doing this. I actually recently wrote a few articles on how to best engage teams when implementing new strategies, and how to be an effective leader to this. Check out these articles: "5 tips to be a better leader and manager", along with more articles you can find here. The Felix Project is privileged to secure pro-bono agency support. You will be used to working with agency/suppliers to support your marketing, communication and digital plans. I scaled Social IQ and Violet Management by creating a B2B strategy that allowed us to turn competitive digital agencies into strategic partners. This meant I have worked with dozens of agencies to achieve digital marketing goals and have experience working with agencies synergetically. As a young challenger brand, the Felix Project has derived success from media partnerships, working with celebrity endorsement, inspiring support through story telling capturing the impact of our work. You will have demonstrable experience of securing and delivering media partnerships and securing celebrity support. You will understand the importance of treating our community ambassadors with respect, dignity and always ensuring safeguarding measures are in place. I have worked with many celebrities, from Kylie Jenner to some of the biggest talent in the UK like Julius Dein. I am very comfortable managing and securing high-level media partnerships. I am also very comfortable managing these relationships with dignity and respect to protect the brand and these relationships. You will have an extensive understanding of the effective use of different media channels. You will be a communications expert (used to managing internal and external comms planning) to direct and oversee integrated campaigning and communications planning through omni media channel approaches. I have experience creating, developing, and leading 7-figure marketing campaigns that span email, text/WhatsApp, PR, TV, SEO, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Real Me. I have previously managed our team of over 100 at Violet so I feel confident I can succeed in this. You will take leadership of cross-organization brand marketing, communications, digital and fundraising planning and prioritization to ensure we use resources effectively, generating the highest levels of awareness, interest and action. I have taken leadership positions with these responsibilities for my last 2 ventures. For the fundraising side I have many ideas for this already to help The Felix Project.

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