1. Experienced in SaaS/B2B growth marketing in a high-growth environment targeting mid-market and enterprise companies --

Violet Management - I created our unique B2B strategy which was the key to our ability to rapidly scale. This was in turning competitors into strategic partners with B2B white-label or co-branded partnerships. For this, I created and developed the business model, then I managed and executed the sales process end-to-end. This included creating landing pages, decks, email copy and tracking of each of these to optimize the funnel.

Social IQ - We had many clients for B2B marketing, from SaaS products that help Shopify owners drive more sales, to COVID-19 test suppliers. Here I've helped clients with all stages of their funnel. This included creating landing pages, social media marketing, phone/text marketing, and email B2B outreach campaigns.

GNARBOX - I helped with B2B outreach to get GNARBOX into photography stores across California, while also helping with our online e-comm and Amazon strategy. I also created and then developed many co-branding and co-marketing B2B strategies with photography brands.

2. Knowledgeable across a wide range of channels and taking a holistic, revenue-focused approach to demand generation -- I have managed paid and organic marketing on all major social networks. I am also experienced in Google Display Network, Facebook, Snap & TikTok Adas. I believe for AMFG cold email, LinkedIn and YouTube could be most useful (each for different reasons). LinkedIn and cold email outreach will drive new traffic, then I can convert these leads via optimized landing pages that will be AB tested. YouTube will also help with SEO from YouTube when business owners search around additive manufacturing.

3. Obsessed about finding new ways of delivering growth, driven by hitting targets and like operating autonomously -- I've been a business owner who has had to use creative problem-solving to find new growth and traffic opportunities. I've also managed large teams as co-founder of Violet. Here I set, tracked and ensured delivery of goals with hands-on management and proactivity.

4. Data-driven, with the ability to set up experiments to test and measure the effectiveness of new channels and campaigns --I track and measure everything, otherwise, it's all pointless. This includes measuring clicks and engagement on cold email, LinkedIn growth, website conversion metrics like dwell time, social growth, referrals, and more.

5. You’re familiar with growth-hacking and marketing tools such as and outbound and CRM tools such as Salesforce and Active Campaign -- I've been using for years, I love it. RocketReach has also become a quick favorite. I've also used Salesforce. Active Campaign is new to me, I checked it out and it looks cool. I usually create my own in-house CRM tools customized to the job at hand. For example, if the client has a product that can drive many customer referrals like a consumer product, vs a B2B SaaS product all require different needs from a CRM solution. I am also familiar with building and using mass scraping tools for mass outreach to specific businesses within set niches and sectors. This involves getting leads and then creating email campaigns and landing pages to convert these leads.


Delivering a growing pipeline of marketing-generated and qualified leads.

I see myself doing this with email cold outreach, LinkedIn prospecting, and paid Google Search and YouTube ads.

Developing and executing digital marketing campaigns.

I have done this since the start of my career πŸ‘

Identifying and testing new channels to find those that can deliver the best flow of qualified leads, optimizing for ROI and CAC - First I'd want to use these channels to test: Email (cold outreach, referrals from existing clients), LinkedIn (outreach and content marketing), online/offline events (B2B and various networking style events), paid ads on GDN (targeting search on Google & YouTube of businesses looking to use AMFG's services.

Helping us make the most of our existing channels such as outbound email marketing, events, and Linkedin

Collaborating with our Content Marketing Manager and Content Writer to amplify the reach and distribution of our content marketing strategy

Getting Keyvan guest writing positions at Entrepreneur, Forbes etc for SEO benefits for AMFG, as well as kitting out the on-site blog to optimize for search traffic. Having owned PR positions can also be great for client lead gen, ad assets & referral opportunities from existing client bases.