Forward Institute

1. Manage our commercial partnerships

I previously led and managed partnerships with a variety of stakeholders in my positions at Violet Management, GEAR, and Social IQ. This has been leading and managing external organizations, B2B partners, investors, advisors, celebrity influencers, and strategic commercial partners.

As a Founder, I also always take responsibility for income and company growth. Most recently I grew Violet Management to earn 7-figures in just under 3 years with 4 other co-founders. As an entrepreneur, I am very comfortable with ambiguity and managing emergent situations. I left my last position at Violet Management due to disagreements with my partners and investors about our growing use of predatory and dangerous marketing practices. I feel I am thus very comfortable addressing, challenging, and pre-empting areas of tension between Forward Institute’s commercial and impact drivers, along with doing the same for our partners to support efforts to embed responsibility in their organizations.

I have also custom-built CRM solutions to optimize relationship management and engagement. This is something I feel I can use to help in my role to develop and optimize business and sales divisions for Forward Institute. I have also built end-to-end tracking solutions for all aspects of my business ventures, and I feel this can help me capture, understand, improve and communicate the impact Forward Institute is having with partner organizations. For example, for Violet, I created mental health reporting systems which you can see in my article to build happier teams here. I also have many ideas that I’d love to share in an interview for ways FI can develop strong new partnerships with influential organizations and individuals at the C-level in organizations.

2. Develop our growth strategy

As a previous Founder, CMO, and VP of Marketing, I am experienced in creating, developing, and implementing long-term and short-term growth strategies. I have also managed and worked with technical teams, HR, legal, sales, and marketing teams to create, implement and measure new systems, processes, growth, and optimization strategies. I am also experienced in evolving business models, services, and systems to optimize for new growth, changing market conditions, and new goals. For example, at Social IQ I had to pivot our core services many times to remain competitive in changing market conditions in social media marketing. Having grown Violet to a team of over 100, I am also experienced in the importance of developing a healthy team cultures and values across the team. Check out some examples of my suggestion for improving team cultures in my article here. Having previously been successful in the commercial sector and leaving my last venture due to ethical concerns, I feel I am also able to shape a commercially responsible, accessible, and competitive operating model.

3. Build our reputation

I have many ideas that I would love to share in an interview to help Forward Institute build awareness and grow its reputation. These strategies and tactics cover LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, PR, and podcast marketing via a combination of free and paid growth marketing.

I am also a writer for Entrepreneur and have recently been given a writing position at TechCrunch and Music Week. You can find some of my articles current live articles below. I keep abreast with best practices, leadership development, and social and business innovation via multiple Twitter, Reddit, podcast, and newsletter sources.