Deliveroo Ideas

  1. Make ordering food the experience, and better showcase restaurants by doing this:

    This can be done via a TikTok-style scrolling UI to showcase nearby restaurants, their food, and the chefs/teams behind them. Ideally, these would rich videos made with the restaurants where they are introducing their restaurant, the chef, and their story. However, if scaling is the goal these can be created with existing photo food content made into slideshows with audio overlays with recent reviews integrated.

  2. Rider support & restaurant engagement/experience improvement:

    I have many suggestions for things Deliveroo can do to improve relationships with these different stakeholders. For example, methods to improve driver and restaurant interactions to reduce the tension you mentioned in The Diary Of A CEO podcast.

  3. Offline event marketing via local cooking or eating competitions: In addition to community marketing benefits, this will open up many strategic B2B and partnership initiatives.

  4. Scale new restaurant & B2B consumer outreach in all markets via... Tools like Google Maps scraping to run scaled email, phone, LinkedIn & WhatsApp outreach.

  5. Improving your driver, restaurant, and staff retention and mental health via... Leadership and management training in things like the strategies I mention in this article on leadership development, along with various tactics like the ones in this article to help improve the experience and effectiveness of remote team members.

  6. Allow browsing by recent orders, adding a new social product-first element: This can from leadership and management training services from the venture I'm currently building. See examples of what this would include on the articles below...

  7. drivers feeling anon, mixer with restaruant owners?

Why I'm contacting you

First, some quick background on me:

🤑 I recently scaled my start-up to 7-figures in profitability within 3 years.

👋 However, I got forced out based on ethical differences with my investors.

📜 I've done some other things too, which you can see on my resume here.

🧘‍♂️ I'm now pivoting my career only work on projects to improve people's lives.

So, why I am doing all this?

  1. Mentorship - Since hearing your conversation with Steven on Diary of A CEO I have been following your work and interviews. I currently have no role models left as all those who are successful around me got there through unethical means. As a

now looking for someone could help steer and mentor me long-term. After watching and reading your interviews I appreciated your philosophy and approach to all your work. The fact you are still a rider, have no ego and are a genuine no bs leader getting things done. and wanted to take a moonshot at asking for mentoring from you.

I believe that while I can learn immensley from you to be a better person and entrepreneur, I can also return some value for this time in help for Deliveroo.

How I'd like to help: I am currently at a

I'm looking to: