Streamline your charity with AI

Save time, money and revolutionize your workflows.

Streamline your charity with AI ✨

Save time, money and revolutionize your workflows.

How can AI help your charity?

👇 See examples below 👇

How can AI help your charity?

👇 See practical examples 👇


Give your team the power of AI.

🤖 The AI revolution can help your charity do a lot more with less.

🎓 For your team to benefit from new tech they need training.

🧠 That's why I offer charity teams AI training.

Here, l'll show your team practical ways to benefit from AI.

💖 This is via interactive group trainings customised for your teams.

General purpose training workshops:

AI fundamentals

This training enures your team knows the basics, including at a high-level the potential and limitations of AI. We'll also cover the landscape of relevant tools and how they could help your charity.

AI prompt training

"Garbage in, garbage out" - an ancient proverb that still holds. Just knowing about the possibilities of AI isn't good enough. This workshop makes sure your team knows how to make AI work best for their needs and use-cases.

AI for productivity

Save time, money and resources with AI. This workshop focuses on helping your charity run more efficiently. We'll go over ways to use automations and new innovations to save time with BAU tasks in all your departments.

Team workshops by departments and roles:

💡 Your team is sent a quiz beforehand to set workshop priorities. 💡

AI for Senior Leadership

Ensure your SLT know how AI can help your charity, and get an initial roadmap built for this. First, we'll cover the basics so everyone is on the same page. Then, we'll go over specific ways that new tech can help your charity and the specific goals and challenges of your different departments. We'll end by finalizing the next step actions and suggestions to set your charity on a path for continual improvement.

AI for Marketing

Show teams how AI can drive new growth, save time, increase engagement and give insights. We'll priortize what we cover based on your teams current focuses. Core training will give your marketing team knowledge on how to use AI to unlock marketing insights, and how to use AI to reach new donors, and drive new traffic. We'll also cover how to better retain and engage donors, and how to streamline workflows with AI.

AI for Social Media & Content

Training showing social teams how they can drive more growth, engagement and reach. Your social media teams will discover how they can save time and money on content creation, content writing, and use new AI technologies to do things like find new influencer amabassadors and create new ways of targeting and re-engaging donors on social media.

AI for Sales

✅ Improve conversion and retention rates.

✅ Identifyand fix missed sales opportunities.

✅ Reach more potential donors or customers.

AI for Operations

✅ Improve efficiency for BAU tasks.

✅ Save time, money, and resources.

✅ Identify areas to to do more with less.

AI for Service Delivery

✅ Make your resources more accessible.

✅ Improve service delivery efficiency.

✅ Save time, money and resources.

AI for Customer Service

AI for Analytics